In The Kitchen With Lucy Knisley And Her Comic Cookbook 'Relish'


Cartoonist and cook and Lucy Knisley invited us into her kitchen to cook up some delightful sauteed carrots and talk her new graphic memoir/cookbook from First Second Books, "Relish: My Life in the Kitchen."

About why she chose to meld her own life with a cookbook, Knisley told Geek host Steven Smith:

I find that a lot of memories are sort of anchored in food memory. It's easy for me to conjure a good story from my past to remember what something tasted like, or a good meal that I had. It's especially easy because my family takes more photos of meals and food than they do of human beings.

Check out more from Knisley's kitchen and see a preview of "Relish" in the video below:

Watch: Lucy Knisley on Relish

"Relish: My Life in the Kitchen" is out now from First Second Books. Get it here!