Dreadfully Adorable 'Walking Dead' Plushies From Funko

Walking Dead Banner

By Zack Smith

Too afraid of a zombie attack to sleep?  Don't worry -- you can now cuddle up with Rick Grimes or Daryl Dixon from AMC's "The Walking Dead" to help you feel safe.

Funko has posted pics of a variety of 7-inch "Walking Dead" plushies due out July 1, including Rick, Daryl, pull-apart Well Zombie, and  bottom-less (not like that) Bicycle Girl Zombie.

Here's some pics!

Funko - Work

Funko - Work (1)

Funko - Work (2)

Funko - Work (3)

D'awwww, ain't they the cutest?

"The Walking Dead" has become quite the undead cash cow for AMC, Image Comics, and the many licensors, but we can only wonder how much further this sensation can go. Official Merle Dixon prosthetics with knives? Governor-brand eye patches? "Walker-Os," the cereal that turns your milk the color of rotting flesh?

I also had a joke about a "Walking Dead" coloring book, but upon reflection, I was pretty sure one already existed.

Planning to get these...and what other "Walking Dead" merchandise would you like to see in the future?  At this rate, your ideas might well be heard.