What's the Most Awesome Piece of New 'Iron Man 3' Merchandise?


By Zack Smith

Sweet Mother of Metal, it is almost impossible to keep track of the avalanche of "Iron Man 3" merch that's headed fans' way!  With the film finally here, we decided to go through some of the weirdest, wildest and most wonderful pieces to determine WHICH IS THE MOST AWESOME.

WARNING: If you're an Iron Man fan, please have a spouse, significant other or family member limit your access to your immediate funds before reading this post.  You'll thank us when you're able to buy food and pay rent later.

If you want to be reminded of Iron Man while on your computer, we recommend this Iron Man Mouse from PCPop.


As this piece on Endgadget explains, this wireless mouse features light-up eyes and even a "Proof that Tony Stark Has a Heart" case...and will set you back about $113 American.  Still, it only takes two AAA batteries and not an Arc Reactor to operate it.

Now if you want to cruise like Tony Stark , we recommend the the new 1:18 Scale Iron Man car from Ridemakerz.


Ain't no pimpin' necessary for THIS ride!...especially considering that it's marketed toward kids.

For $38, kids can create their own Iron Man-styled car complete with any numbers of accessories...which in Tony Stark's case, would likely involve an open bar.  Well, he'd probably have J.A.R.V.I.S. doing A.I. driving guidance anyway.

For an extra $25, an R/C option is available, allowing kids to drive it around the house.  No, there is no hover-mode.  I know.  Marty McFly and Doc Brown really set a generation up for a fall, didn't they?

The cars will only be sold at the four flagship Ridemakerz stores or on Ridemakerz.com, and will be available on May 24.  The stores are located at:

Downtown Disney – Anaheim, CA

Downtown Disney – Lake Buena Vista, FL

Branson Landing – Branson, MO

Broadway at the Beach – Myrtle Beach, SC

But neither of these is THE MOST AWESOME of the "Iron Man 3" merchandise.

No, that title belongs to this next item...ACTUAL IRON MAN ARMOR.

Yes, a  paltry $8,5000 US will net you this seven-foot tall Sideshow Collectibles Life-Sized Iron Man Mark 42 figure.

Iron Man MARK 42 Life-Size Figure - Beast Kingdom - SideshowCollectibles.com

"Figure," mind you, is perhaps not the most accurate description.

To answer your most burning question: No, you cannot put it on.  No, it cannot fly or shoot repulsor rays.  Yes, I want one.

The piece will be out in the second quarter, and weighs 105 pounds.  Methinks Tony Stark's actual armor weighs more than that, but speculating on such things is usually bad for one's sanity.

As to when we will actual hover-boots and repulsor-ray gloves -- well, they have to save something for "Iron Man IV," don't they?

So those are our favorites!  Are there any other "Iron Man" tie-ins you've seen you'd like to share with us?  Let us know!