Exclusive Extended Previews: 'Game of Thrones' #14 And 'The Bionic Man' #19


Dynamite sent over a pair of exclusive extended looks at their "George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones" #19 and "The Bionic Man" #19 before they hit shelves on May 1!

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Daniel Abraham's riveting adaptation of the fantasy masterwork by George R. R. Martin continues. When three lords owing allegiance to Riverrun come to King's Landing to complain of Ser Gregor Clegane, it falls to Eddard Stark, in the absence of the king, to pass judgment. He declares the brutish Clegane, a bannerman of House Lannister, guilty of treason and dispatches men to bring him to justice. Knowing that this will increase the enmity of the powerful Lannisters, Eddard decides that he must send his daughters, Sansa and Arya, home to Winterfell. Meanwhile, another Lannister, Tyrion...the Imp...gains savage new allies in his quest for vengeance against Lady Stark. And Eddard, enlightened by the unwitting Arya, moves against Cersei Lannister . . . yet acts with a mercy he may come to regret.

Written by George R.R. Martin

Adapted by Daniel Abraham

Art by Tommy Patterson

Cover by Mike S. Miller


After fighting his way into the heart of enemy territory, the Bionic Man is forced to go deep undercover. Once there, Steve positions himself to not only complete his mission but to help the war torn country of Libue in the process. Little does he know a new player has entered the game and they have the United States in the crosshairs!

Written by: Aaron Gillespie

Art by: Ed Tadeo

Covers by: Mike Mayhew, Ed Tadeo