The 5 Weirdest 'Iron Man' Costumes


Need something to chuck on for a midnight screening of "Iron Man 3" this week? Well, if you feel up to it, you can certainly wear any of these 5 bonkers costumes. But I'm gonna tell you one thing, you're going to look weird. And scare people.

But if you want to wear one, you can get it by clicking the link above each image.

So it's up to you.

The Iron Man Shirt And Mask Adult Costume


Photo: Halloween Express

For the guy who just doesn't give a crap. Basically the equivalent of wearing a tuxedo T-shirt to your wedding.

The Iron Man Face Tattoo


Photo: Party Bell

Nothing says, "I'm deranged" like showing up donning an Iron Man mask temp tattoo to a movie theater!

Iron Man Bodysuit Adult Costume


Photo: Party Bell

Want to potentially get arrested? Then strut your stuff and leave little to the imagination in this sharp little number.

Ironette Sassy Adult Costume


Photo: Halloween Express

Dear female Iron Man fans, I'm sorry.

Iron Man 3 Mark 42 Bodysuit Adult Costume


Photo: Buy Costumes

Dear female Iron Man fans, still sorry.

"Iron Man 3" is out on May 3.

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