Recap: Orphan Black Deals With Her 'Conditions Of Existence'

ConditionsofExistence[1]By Jorge Solis

Sarah, a low-life chameleon, snuck her way into someone else's life and pretended to be a cop. While living her double life, Sarah discovered she is part of someone's experiment and a vicious killer is hunting down her identical clones. In this latest episode of "Orphan Black," will Sarah  find out who is using her as a lab rat in "Conditions of Existence?"

(Spoilers Ahead!)

At the shocking cliff-hanger of "Effects of External Conditions," Helena (Tatiana Maslany)  was kidnapped by a mysterious stranger. Helena finds herself in a dungeon-like basement and being operated on. Elsewhere, Sarah is dealing with the consequences of handing over her badge and gun. Close to trusting each other, Sarah thanks Alison for pretending to be her in front of her daughter. While Sarah is taking a shower, Paul (Dylan Bruce) breaks into her house. Before recognizing him, Sarah was just about to stab him with her nail file.

While the two are sleeping, Sarah dreams about a mysterious group of scientists. They are experimenting on her as if she was some sort of lab rat. Sarah wakes up, brushes her teeth, and suddenly vomits up a strange piece of metal. In a chat session with Cosima, they realized Paul must have slipped her an electrode, which might contain data of the cloning experiments. If Paul is a link and an active mole, he might have been assigned to terminate Beth.


Sarah discovers Beth had kept video surveillance in her house. Before committing suicide, Beth was watching over Paul because she suspected him of something. Felix mentions (Jordan Gavaris) that if he is fake Paul, then his business is probably fake too. Felix turns out to be right as half of Paul's office building is empty. Sarah doesn't believe Paul's assistant when she says they are downsizing. While Paul is in his meeting, Sarah goes through his desk and plants an audio device to listen in on his conversations. Just when he is about to kiss her, Paul notices Sarah doesn't have Beth's scar.

While Sarah is on a stroll with her daughter, someone is taking pictures of them together. Thinking that her husband is a mole, Alison is becoming more paranoid and buys a nanny cam. Vic (Michael Mando) is having problems of his own ever since Sarah's supposed death. Because he doesn't have the drug money, a crime lord cuts off Vic's fingers. Vic spots Alison while buying medicine for his bleeding hand. After grabbing her, Alison fights back, sprays Vic with mace, and tases him.

Vic ends up going to Felix's apartment, demanding his money back. Tired of Vic, Sarah offers him twenty thousand to leave her alone. Vic thought they were in love, reminding her of Myrtle Beach. Sarah tells told him it wasn't love; they were just parasites. Heart-broken and angry, Vic promises that it's not the last time she sees him.

Paul then sends a text to Sarah. He was the one taking pictures of her Sarah's daughter. Knowing her daughter's life is in danger, Sarah confronts Paul at Beth's house. Paul was actually in love and has always been in love with Beth. Paul knew something was wrong since the beginning, but couldn't prove it. With the scar missing, he realized Sarah wasn't Beth. Paul points a gun at Sarah and asks, "Where's Beth?"

Will Paul pull the trigger, now that he knows Sarah isn't his true love? Is Alison's husband another mole in the grand scheme? We will have to wait for the answers in the next episode of "Orphan Black."

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