Doctor Who Recap: The Doctor Has To 'Journey To the Centre of The TARDIS'

CentreoftheTardis1[1]By Jorge Solis

In this latest episode of "Doctor Who," Clara Oswald and The Doctor find themselves trapped inside the TARDIS. As the TARDIS self-destructs, the Doctor only has an hour to find and rescue Clara before his time machine explodes from the inside. Let's find out what happened to Clara and the Doctor during their "Journey to the Center of the TARDIS."

(Spoilers Ahead)

At a junkyard spaceship, the Van Baalen Brothers have spotted the TARDIS on their radar. Inside the magic blue box, Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) and the Doctor (Matt Smith) are in the middle of a loud argument. In order for them to get along, the Doctor wants Clara to talk directly to the TARDIS. Clara describes the Doctor as one of those guys who can't be with their girlfriend unless their mother approves of her. The Van Baalen Brothers suit up as they turn up the volume to The Cult's "Fire Woman" and let loose their magnetic grab.

As the alarms sound off, parts of the TARDIS begin to malfunction. The Doctor is dealing with sparks and flames as he tries to steer the TARDIS away to safety. Clara picks up a remote from the floor, which suddenly burns her hand. The TARDIS is then tossed inside the junkyard ship.

Tricky (Jahvel Hall), one of Van Baalen Brothers, discovers the TARDIS is alive but screaming inside. Waking up from unconsciousness, the Doctor finds himself alongside the trio and finds their outlawed remote. Realizing Clara is still inside, the Doctor needs their help to get her out. He promises them a salvage of a lifetime if the brothers help him.

In the wreckage, Clara slowly wakes up, with her burnt hand stinging. Clara notices that the walls have been clawed at. Clara opens the door and runs away from the fiery explosion. Because the TARDIS is infinite, it would actually make months to find her. The Doctor gives the brothers an hour to find Clara or the TARDIS will self-destruct.


While entering one of the Doctor's rooms, Clara finds River Song's baby carriage. A zombie creature is stalking Clara, forcing her to run away. Using a homing beacon, Gregor (Ashley Walters) finds a living metal with glowing orbs. The Doctor warns him about taking the orb but Gregor refuses to listen to him. The ship is in torment and won't let him leave. In the library, Clara finds the book with the title, "History of the Time War." After reading a passage, she learns the name of the Doctor. Clara has to hide again after being found by the zombie creature.

Another zombie creature takes out one of the brothers. Clara is back at the console of the TARDIS but there is no door. She screams, "Why are you doing this?" The Doctor is in the same console room but there is no Clara. As the zombie creature chases Clara around the room, the doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to pinpoint her location. After rescuing her from the zombie creature, Clara punches him in the arm. When the Doctor turns off the self-destruct system, another alarm goes off. The engines are overloading because there is a rupture in time and the TARDIS is leaking the past.

Underneath the console, Clara and the doctor are running through their own maze. With the zombie creatures chasing after them, they are dodging spikes shooting out the walls. In one of the rooms, an exploding star turns out to be the TARDIS' power source. They run through the bridge but end up being trapped.

Clara realizes the zombie creature is actually her. The Doctor couldn't save her and kept her locked away in the TARDIS. As the brothers sacrifice their lives, the Doctor and Clara end up in the Engine Room, which turns out to be a cliff. Running out of time, the Doctor wants to know who she is. Is she some kind of a trap? Is she a trick? He rescues her just when she is about to fall off the cliff. Clara honestly doesn't know what he is talking about.

After jumping off the cliff together, they end up in a white room. The Doctor reads the letters on Clara's burnt hand. Through the rift in time, the Doctor travels back to past, following the music. After both Doctors end up talking to each other, he presses the "big friendly button." The Doctor is able to save the three brothers and reset a different timeline.

Clara Oswald is indeed just an ordinary girl, but why are there different incarnations of her? Is Clara in danger now that she knows the Doctor's real name. We will have to wait for the answers in the episode of "Doctor Who."

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