C2E2 2013: Dark Horse Brings You New Halo Comics

crop HALOComics[1]By Jorge Solis

Ever wonder what it must have been like for Sarah Palmer to start out as a rookie? Announced at C2E2, Dark Horse Comics is bringing readers an exciting new miniseries, "Halo: Initiation." Launching in August, this miniseries will be written by Brian Reed ("Halo: Fall of Reach") and with art by Marco Castiello ("Star Wars: Purge").

Dave Marshall, Dark Horse Editor, had this to say about exploring the "Halo" universe. "A rich science fiction universe driven by compelling characters, 'Halo' has all the makings for show-stopping comics. " About the creative team-up, Marshall added,  "In 'Initiation,' Brian and Marco are delivering an action-packed thrill-ride with a beating heart of authentic human drama."


Before she was a super soldier defending humanity as part of the Spartan-IV program, Sarah Palmer was an ODST—Orbital Drop Shock Trooper—carrying out the most dangerous missions behind enemy lines! See how she became the first Spartan-IV commander in this must-read series for fans of "Halo 4" and the "Halo" franchise!

Writer Brian Reed said, “It’s really exciting to work with Dark Horse in continuing the 'Halo' story in comics. After 'Halo 4' and 'Spartan Ops,' fans wanted to know more about the origins of the Spartan-IV program and Sarah Palmer in particular. So it’s great fun to be able to grant those wishes with a partner like Dark Horse.”

As a fan of the shooter game, I'm very interested in reading a prequel about Sarah Palmer, who was originally introduced in "Halo 4." How does someone like Palmer end up becoming a commander of the Spartan forces? What kind of tough choices did she have to make? With so many questions about Palmer's origin story, I'm definitely going to pick up and follow the "Halo: Initiation" miniseries when it hits stores.


"Halo: Initiation" #1  will be released in comic book shops on August 14.

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