The Vampire Diaries Recap: “The Originals” AKA King Klaus


By Kendra Beltran

And so it begins. Those who hang on Klaus’ every word (like me) were ecstatic as this week’s episode was actually a way of sneaking in the pilot of The Vampire Diaries spinoff, The Originals. Yes, Klaus and his kin are heading back New Orleans, but the reason why and how it came to be were way more interesting and scandalous than what Damon and Stefan have been doing with Elena. Can those three just get over the cure and move on? Enough about them, for now, and on to The Originals.

The core of episode starts with Hayley looking for her family. A witch named Jane Ann (the same gal Klaus is looking for), tells Hayley to head to the bayou for what she needs. After she leaves, Jane Ann takes a piece of her hair, stalker much? She later uses the hair along with her witchcraft to get something she needs to get Klaus. Once in the bayou Hayley’s taken by a group of witches. At this point you’re like, are they preforming voodoo on Hayley and what does this have to do with anything? Hayley hasn’t been relevant for weeks now.


Money shot time, Klaus. He found his way to a woman on the street who appears your everyday psychic. Of course she’s a witch and when Klaus asks her about Jane Ann, she gets shook up and tells Klaus she’s not allowed to say anything because of Marcel’s rules. That’s when we meet Marcel, he’s singing at some bar and the unimpressed look on Klaus’ face; priceless. At first you think these two are going to be (im)mortal enemies, but nope, they’re old friends. Klaus was Marcel’s mentor before he was run out of New Orleans. When Klaus asks the whereabouts of Jane Ann, it’s not too long after that Marcel delivers and kills her in the middle of a street. Okay, really Marcel? That helps no one in this search.

Klaus then takes matters into his own hands and visits Jane Ann’s sister Sophie. Seeing that Marcel’s men have followed Klaus, she won’t say a word. You know Klaus, he’s peeved Marcel had him followed. Anyways, those two try and intimidate Sophie and are quickly killed by Elijah. This leads to Elijah finding out the real reason Klaus was being sought out by Jane Ann and her band of witches.

Here’s the doozy, remember when Jane Ann took that piece of Hayley’s hair? It was some backwoods pregnancy test to see if Hayley was pregnant or not with Klaus’ child…Congrats to the new parents? I know what you’re thinking, what will Caroline think? The witches try and use Hayley as collateral and will kill her if Klaus doesn’t help them take down Marcel. Even after Elijah gives a longwinded speech about how this is an opportunity to start anew, blah blah blah family, more sentiments…Klaus is his usual self and says no.

All Klaus can focus on is why and how the Marcel controls the witches. When Marcel doesn’t fess up, an enraged Klaus bites one of Marcel’s men. Only after a heartfelt talk with a random waitress about a street artist’s anger and pain does Klaus talk things over with Elijah. He admits he wants what Marcel has; power, loyalty, family. He wants to be king of New Orleans, and when it comes to the baby? Klaus said it best, “Every king needs an heir.”


So we found out the premise of The Originals; take down Marcel with the witches. But before we touch on the cure trio and Rebekah, let’s note two other things. One, the start of the witches plan sounds like the plot from Mean Girls. Step 1 being to infiltrate Marcel’s inner circle by earning their trust. What’s step 2, take Marcel’s lady? Second, Klaus calls Caroline after everything and tells her that he’s standing in one of his favorite places in the world and would love to show her sometime. It was at that moment that I both hated and admired her.

Other tidbits, Rebekah told Elijah she owed nothing to Klaus and she’s not going to New Orleans. She’s on the poster for The Originals, so we’ll see about that. Then there’s Damon, Stefan and Elena…The Salvatore brothers are starving that girl into having emotions and in the end she eerily says it’s all about who cracks first.  

Since this was the backdoor pilot for The Originals, does that mean no more Klaus for the rest of the TVD season? Say it ain’t so! Next week in "She's Come Undone,” Damon and Stefan continue to torture Elena into having emotions and Caroline probably ignores Klaus’ call, rude. Until then I’m going to think of baby names for little Klaus!

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