Ghostface Returns: MTV's Developing A 'Scream' Pilot


The mothership is working with Dimension films and director Wes Craven to bring the multi-film slasher series "Scream" to life as an hour-long drama.

I should note, we have no knowledge of the inner workings of this process, but it would see Craven return to TV, directing the pilot episode of what they're describing as a horror-comedy. The project would be a collaboration between MTV and Dimension Films which has been home to the very meta serial killer franchise.

"I Know What You Did Last Summer" and "The Following" writer Kevin Williamson was responsible for the 1996 film (oh man, it's been that long) which served as a deconstruction of the slasher movie genre, each subsequent entry playing up the misdirection and red herrings as a new character would menace poor Sydney Prescott (Neve Campbell) whose mother was the victim of a killer--her father (or was she). Craven and Williamson later worked together on the deconstuctionist werewolf movie "Cursed."

I wouldn't be surprised if any new series took up the same "Ten Little Indians" mystery format across an entire season.

"Scream" is out to writers now with a planned summer 2014 debut.