Arrow Recap: 'Home Invasion' On Top of Too Many Break Ups

Home Invasion

By Kendra Beltran

The last time we saw Oliver Queen shirtless and up to his vigilante business in "Arrow," April had just gotten underway. The Count was back, Diggle and Oliver almost broke up their bromance and Tommy was still acting like a baby. Fast forward to last night’s “Home Invasion” and its secret lunch dates between Oliver and Laurel, one shooter’s determination to take out an innocent kid and sexual tension on the island. Oh yeah, Yao-Fei, get ready for a shock and WTF moment with that one. You can read about what that’s all about on our MTV Splash Page. As I am going to take this time to mend my heart over Oliver and Diggle’s relationship, touch on Tommy’s low self-esteem and share in Roy’s love of the Hood. (spoilers ahead!)

What happened to my favorite bro-love? Oliver and Diggle had me worried on the last episode, but they came to one another’s side when it mattered most. Oliver even agreed to help Diggle take out Deadshot. Somewhere between then and now, Oliver forgot about his promise as he “re-prioritized,” leaving Diggle to defend himself against Deadshot. Yes, those two had a scuffle and I was a mess the entire time. Don’t worry; the only thing broken on Diggle was his heart. He told Oliver like it is, and said he always puts Laurel first. At the end…Diggle leaves. After screaming, “No!” at the screen for a few minutes, I realized I’d missed the rest of the episode and had to rewind. I’m with Diggle on this one. If you promise someone to their face that you’ll be there, be there.  I know Oliver isn’t the best with relationships, but he needs to make sure Diggle’s on top of his priority list.


You know I have my issues with Tommy because there are worse things your BFF could be than a vigilante, right? First off, Oliver (as the Hood, of course) saves him, Laurel and the kid they’re trying to keep safe, and he still gets a bit of an attitude. Oliver even saves everyone later and Tommy goes and gives him this big speech about how he doesn’t know how to be with Laurel because even if she knew who Oliver really was, she’d pick Oliver over him. For one second, I felt bad for him. He obviously has low self-esteem when it comes to his former BFF because look at the two. Oliver’s working with a lot more in every way. Then I went back to not being a fan after he gave Laurel the most cliché breakup excuses ever. Hey Tommy, why didn’t you just add, “It’s not you, it’s me?” Plus, he moved out with the tiniest duffle bag known to man. He must’ve just taken an overnight bag for starters.

Moving onto someone who can never make a girl mad, Roy. All Roy wants to do is find the Hood. At first I thought it was because he was mad at him, but then I remembered the whole “Hood saved his life” thing. Roy tells Thea that he feels connected to the Hood and just has to find him. After she questions it, she agrees and it’s a cute scene, but I was distracted by Thea’s hair. Was it raining…?

After waiting for this episode, I wasn’t that on edge besides the scene with Deadshot and Diggle and the last few minutes when hearts are broken all-around, and again, freaking Yao-Fei. There are only three episodes left until we’re left waiting all summer, and with Malcolm saying, “One man alone can’t save this city…” in the preview for next week’s “The Undertaking,” can we assume (and hope) that this is will be the lead in to Roy becoming Speedy? Ponder that and cross your fingers that this Diggle split doesn’t last too long.

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