'Sailor Moon' Sings 'Do My Thing' In New Music Video


Well this is certainly a thing, isn't it?

"Sailor Moon" superfan Evan MacIsaac created his own music video for the song "Do My Thing" by Estelle and Janelle Monáe while dressed in homemade "Sailor Moon" costumes and the results are pretty fantastic. Check out the vide below.

On his YouTube page, MacIsaac says:

I heard this song and thought of my Sailor Moon costumes made of construction paper. It took two packs of paper and a giant roll of duct tape to make this video.

Update: Janelle Monae tweeted my video, I'm so happy to know she liked it! I'm incredibly humbled by how many views this has, and how overwhelmingly positive you all have been. Thank you so much for your support of my silly hobby.

MacIsaac went on to pen a letter to Estelle (and Janelle Monáe) asking for her permission to distribute his video via YouTube mobile. He even offer some advice to the singer, for when she decides to create her own video for "Do My Thing."

I also noticed that you currently do not have a music video for this song yet – My music video took a month to make, so I imagine a real music video takes significantly longer – plus scheduling the divine Janelle Monáe is surely problematic too! But when you do create one, I’d be happy to link to it on my video! If you have seen my video and like what you see, I’d also be happy to offer some advice and pointers I’ve learned in making music videos! You also might notice I have some pretty fabulous dance moves, and I’d love to give you some help there too… though I’m sure you know how to dance pretty well yourself!

Check more of MacIsaac's "Sailor Moon" videos by subscribing to his YouTube channel. Here's a taste:


[Source: io9]