Man of Steel Play Arts Kai Figures Let Superman And Zod Throw Down in STYLE!

By Zack Smith

Anticipation for the new Christopher Nolan-produced Superman reboot "Man of Steel" is at a fever pitch, and these new super-articulated, super-detailed figures from Play Arts Kai are only going to get fans more excited!

Available for pre-order from Big Bad Toy Store at $79.99 each, these 9.5-inch figures from Square Enix will punch a hole in your wallet...and pretty much anything else they encounter.

Let's get a good look at the Last Son of Krypton!

...goodness, Superman has quite a unit on him.

I can't be the only one that noticed this, right?

Here's some more shots:

And here's his nemesis in the film, General Zod.  This here is the runnin' definition of BAD DUDE.

For whatever reason, I really dig the helmet and flowing black cape.  It really sells the evil counterpart to Superman aspect of the character, sort of a "Darth Zod."

The figures won't be out until August, two months after the film hits theaters, but look at it this way -- even if it turns out to not be good, you can create your own, vastly-improved version with effigies of the actors.  Many of us had to rely on something similar after Superman Returns.

BONUS: If you want to get an idea of what a stone-cold scary BAD ASS Michael Shannon is likely to be as General Zod, check out this Funny or Die video where he does a bloodcurdling reading of the insane sorority girl letter from last week.

If he's that tough on pledges not pulling their weight...just imagine what he'll do to the Son of Jor-El.


Excited by these figures?  Willing to make the investment?  Strangely distracted by the sculpting of Superman's...pocket full of Kryptonite?  Let us know!

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