Bork Bork Bork: 'Pillage Pop Culture' with these Muppet Figures!




By Zack Smith

Now available this week is the latest series of "Pillaging Pop Culture" from Tenacious Toys, featuring fan-favorite Muppets the Swedish Chef and balcony-bound hecklers Statler and Waldorf!

Let's get a better look at them!





Single-handedly custom-made and hand-painted by master designer Task One, the three-inch figures will run you a cool $40 apiece -- but it's a more-detailed, higher-quality piece than you'd get with many similar figurines.  You can order a blind-boxed individual figure off Tenacious Toys's online shop -- or order all three at $100 and save.

If you're feeling particularly ambitious (and have the scratch to spare), you can get all 18 Muppet toys by Task One for $600 -- along with a super-secret, ultra-rare chase figure.  We're just hoping it's not related to Doc Hopper's French-Fried Frog Legs.


This is pretty much the most adorable thing a Muppet fan could ever want, so someone tell Jason Segel about this.  With his Hollywood money, he can grab a set for sure.

On a tangential note, it is a poorly-kept secret of the Internet that you can translate most text into Swedish Chef using such resources as The Dialectizer.  For amusement's sake, try translating this entire post into Chef.

And that's why the Internet was created!

Plunneeng tu get zeese-a? Hefe-a zee deespuseble-a incume-a fur a cumplete-a set? Let us knoo!

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