D-Arts Ultimate Hunter X Figure is 'Mega'-Awesome (UPDATED WITH NEW SIGMA FIGURE!)


By Zack Smith

Pretty much the best figure of 2013 (until the Batman 1966 line comes along, anyway) is the D-Arts figure of the original Mega Man and his adorable dog Rush.  But fans of the Capcom classic's futuristic spin-off can now look forward to a D-Arts take on the supreme form of Mega Man X with the upcoming "Ultimate Hunter X" figure!

Due out in Japan this August, the figure features the hyper-detail and articulation associated with D-Arts' other Mega Man figures, along with mad-phat chrome armor with translucent parts, a jetpack, and plenty of fireepower.

Enough talk, let's get to the pics!

Fans of the "Mega Man X" series have pointed out that this marks several D-Arts X figures, but still no sign of X's arch-enemy Sigma, even though his chief runnin' crew officer Vile has a figure!  What up with that?

UPDATE: Well, that was fast!  Though it's not exactly a figurer, Tamashii has just announced a new Sigma statue that can be posed with the D-Arts X figure.  Here's a couple pics!



The statue will be available to North American retailers through Bluefin in September/October 2013.

This writer was always more of a fan of the old-school "Mega Man" series, though he will admit that by "Mega Man 6," the concept was running thin, and such Robot Masters as Tomahawk Man and the turbaned Flame Man bordered on racist.  He is also not sure how Flame Man was distinct from Fire Man, Heat Man, Magma Man, or Burner Man, but when you've invented as many evil robots as Dr. Wily, they can't all be originals.

Speaking of Wily, wouldn't it be cool to see a D-Arts figure of the mad scientist in his flying saucer, possibly with alternate hands and feet for his inevitable "surrender" pose from the end of each game?   And let's not forget Proto Man, or Dr. Light, or Roll, Mega Man's housekeeping "sister" who found herself the victim of much anti-girl sexism in those games...

Of a final note: Check out the "Mega Man" comic book series from Archie.  It's really fun and captures the spirit of the original games while being accessible to people who never got a chance to play them.  And they're crossing over with Sonic the Hedgehog!

Watch: Archie Comics Mega Man Promo Trailer

Planning to get this figure -- and are there any other Mega Man characters you'd like to see get the D-Arts treatment?  Let us know!

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