New Doctor Who Toys include Demons and Doomsday and Kylie Minogue, Oh My!



By Zack Smith

With its 50 anniversary under way, "Doctor Who" is hotter than ever, and hardcore fans have plenty of new toy options available soon!

Underground Toys has a ton of new Who available for pre-order at Big Bad Toy Store, ranging from recent classics to some of the 1970s tales rendered in plastic form!

Here's a look at just some of them...

If you're willing to wait until September 2014, you can order "The Companions," which collects the lovely ladies (and in one case, robot dog), who aided the Tenth Doctor.  This set gets you Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Sarah Jane Smith, K-9 and for some reason, Astrid Peth, the one-off companion from "Voyage of the Damned" played by pop star Kylie Minogue.


Is your mind blown?  THAT HAPPENED.


There's a number of figures getting North American releases or re-releases.  Annoyed Captain Jack Harkness won't be part of the 50th Anniversary celebration?  Well, there's this figure of Jack in his trenchcoat, ready to swash your buckles (along with anything else around him) to ease your pain.

Or there's MY Doctor, the Fourth one played by Tom Baker, big hat, bigger scarf, and almost-as-big white 'fro and all.

Despite my love, I'll admit it -- that smile gives me a'wiggin's.

Or you can recreate a couple of classic tales from the era of the Third Doctor, such as the very, very shiny villains of "The Claws of Axos," pitted against Companion Jo Grant and UNIT head Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart...


...or another take on the Brigadier vs. The Master complete with ceremonial robes over his black suit and the titular monsters of one of the creepiest Third Doctor stories, "The Daemons."


Or you can just go for the gusto and get ALL the Doctors in this one giant TARDIS-sized pack.  One of my local comic shops has  had one of these in stock for a while, and I won't lie -- it's flaming awesome.


But a man must ask the question: What of the OTHER classic Who characters still lacking in plastic form?

Where, I ask, are the Zarbi?

Or the Quarks?

And for the love of God, WHERE IS THE KANDY MAN?!?!?!

Crusading journalists demand to KNOW.

Well, until then, you can pre-order all these awesome figures we've just shown you via Big Bad Toy Store.   And of course catch new eps of the Doctor on BBC America, and hope they resolve that friggin' Clara mystery sooner than later!  That thing is driving me crazy.