Adventure Time Recap: 'Potluck' Gone Wrong


By Kendra Beltran

Sometimes I feel like Mr. Rogers when I come across an episode like this week’s "Adventure Time" and end the half hour thinking, that was a really great lesson about friendship and caring.


“Potluck Princess” begins with Jake and Finn on their way to the big Princess Bash. Finn’s complaining about a callus on his foot. That mixed with him bringing one can of grape soda to the party; those two things possibly make him the worst invitee ever, right? Maybe, but he just might’ve proved why he was invited towards the end. Other party highlights include Bounce House Princess and Embryo Princess; fairest of them all.

When The Ice King sees the Princess Potluck, he’s peeved about his road dogs leaving him out like that. A vendetta is put in place and he vows to ruin that party. This leads to capturing one too many bunnies and kitties. Lemon wedges are placed on the cats’ backs, and the bunnies are fed “lasagna” to become literal party poopers. Well, both of those fail because the lemon kitties are a smash and the bunnies business goes down way before they reach the festivities. On to Plan B, Gunter.


Gunter’s soon draped in socks to be a princess to go “undercover” to destroy the potluck by tossing punch on everyone. Anyone else get a flashback to Rachel Leigh Cook in She’s All That? Just me, okay. The Gunter plan fails too since that little penguin becomes the dancing queen and center of attention. Torn, The Ice King throws his own party to try and make them jealous. After his “freak nasty” dancing doesn’t garner any attention, he tries to tattle. Many failures later, he realizes he can use magic to ruin the party. The Ice King isn’t the brightest…

Finn proves why he was invited when he takes The Ice King out with his callus sock (everybody together…gross!). Come to find out, The Ice King was invited all along. He just never checked went through his mail, as it just stacked up over time. Lessons learned, don’t jump to conclusions about friends and check your mail often.


This week’s repeat was “Sons of Mars” from last season. Refresher course in friendship in this one. While Magic Man was on the run from a Martian, he trades bodies with Jake. This lands Jake on Mars facing the King of Mars, none other than Abe Lincoln. Abe tells Jake, well Magic Man, that all he had to do was learn to care about someone else, and he couldn’t do that simple task. Even after Finn comes to the rescue, Jake’s killed. Abe soon realizes his mistake and gives his mortality for Jake’s life back; friendship sometimes means sacrifice.

This week, friendship and in two weeks family when Jake sets out to save Jake Jr.

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