Recap: Orphan Black Will Suffer From The 'Effects Of External Conditions'


By Jorge Solis

Sarah, a street-wise chameleon, snuck her way into someone else's life and pretended to be a cop. While living her double life, Sarah discovered she is part of an experiment and someone is hunting down her identical clones. Will Sarah be able to stop this mysterious killer in the latest "Orphan Black" episode  "Effects Of External Conditions?"

(Spoilers Ahead!)

At the shocking cliff-hanger of "Variation Under Nature," Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) met a psychotic version of herself. Inside a bathroom, the psycho clone is stitching her bloody wound in front of a mirror. Mimicking Sarah's voice, she repeats over and over, "I'm not Beth!" Trevor (Jack Fulton), an innocent little boy, suddenly steps on a puddle of blood. The psychopath then locks Trevor inside the bathroom with her.

Alison, the soccer mom clone, can't believe there is a hunter stalking the look-alikes. As a show of trust, Sarah returns Alison's money back to her. Just like Alison, Sarah also has a daughter of her own to protect. Alison realizes there is something odd about Sarah because she can conceive on her own. Cosima, the science geek clone, analyzes the psychopath's knife, noting the handle is very old. Sarah has to continue living Beth's life as a cop in order to find more clues about the psycho.


Beth's partner, Art (Kevin Hanchard), has discovered the location of the psycho clone's motorbike. Luckily, they have a witness now to tell them about their mysterious killer. When asked what the killer looks like, Trevor directly points at Sarah.  Realizing they were wrong all this time, Art wonders how Beth could have mistaken their killer as a male suspect. Trevor hands over to Sarah a bloody paper game,  another clue left by their killer.

After careful examination, Detective Angela Deangelis (Inga Cadranel) explains their female killer is a religious fanatic and suffers from chronic detachment. Though there are no fingerprints, she will have the DNA results in about a week. The killer left addresses in the paper game, as if she wants to get caught. The psycho clone calls Sarah at the precinct and gives herself a name. Helena, the psycho clone, knows that this Beth is a fake.

As Art and Sarah investigate the addresses, Helena sneaks her way into the precinct as Beth. At one of the addresses, there are red drawings on the wall. Art learns that the drawings mean  there will be another victim. While the detectives are away, Helena goes through Beth's desk and belongings. Toying with Beth's life, Helena picks up the phone when Paul (Dylan Bruce) calls and asks him to pick her up. When Sarah gets back to her desk, there is a picture of Paul with his eyes scratched out.


While Sarah is investigating her leads, Felix (Jordan Gavaris) asks Alison to help him out with a problem. Sarah doesn't to see her daughter while the killer is on the loose, but Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy) has only granted one visit. Alison has to pretend to be Sarah in front of Kira (Skyler Wexler). Even though she doesn't like it, Alison reluctantly goes along with the plan. In order to be a punk, Felix tells Alison that she has to start acting like one.

Sarah has to clean up after Helena at the precinct. Paul and Art get into a heated argument over Beth. Helena even left a short video for Sarah in her computer. As Beth, Helena confesses to murdering Maggie Chen, the victim from the shooting. Helena then sends Sarah an email, giving her an address to meet.

After finding the picture of Paul's eyes missing, Art is beginning to suspect his partner of something. He then finds the address that Sarah wrote down. The address actually belongs to Maggie Chen's apartment. Sarah doesn't know she is walking into a trap.  Before entering the apartment, Sarah leaves a message in Art's voicemail, revealing she is not Beth.

During their second confrontation, Helena tells Sarah that she is dying. It is not from the wound Sarah gave her; it's from something else. Helena reveals that Beth did kill Maggie Chen on purpose. Things only seem to getting worse for Sarah. Kira realizes that Alison may look like Sarah, but she is not her mother. 

Did Beth setup the shooting to get rid of Maggie, only to end up with everything going horribly wrong? How can Alison and Felix continue with the lie if Kira knows the truth? What secrets will Sarah uncover about Beth as she investigates the shooting in the next episode of "Orphan Black?" 

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