Doctor Who Recap: The Doctor Has No Place To 'Hide'


By Jorge Solis

In this latest episode of "Doctor Who," Clara Oswald and the Doctor find themselves trapped inside a haunted house. When "Doctor Who" episodes deal with horror, the cast and crew always up their game! Without a proton pack and electro-trap, do  these time-travelers stand a chance against a menacing ghost? Let's find out what happened to Clara and the Doctor during their ghost story in "Hide."

(Spoilers Ahead)

At the haunted Caliban House, Alec Palmer (Dougray Scott) and his assistant, Emma Grayling (Jessica Raine), are studying a mysterious phenomena. As Emma attempts to communicate with the ghost, Alec's inventions seem to spin out of control. As Alec takes pictures, we see a ghostly figure heading towards Emma. Suddenly, there is loud knocking at the door. When Alec opens the door, The Doctor (Matt Smith) jumps out and says, "Boo!" When Alec asks who they are, Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) responds, "The Ghostbusters!"

The Doctor has heard many things about Palmer and his secret military operations. After retiring, Alec's career turned from war hero to ghost hunter. Emma is an empathic psychic who is able to sense the thoughts and feelings of others. The Doctor grabs a candelabra and exclaims in joy, "It's ghost-time!"

For 400 years, the screaming ghost has been called, "The Maiden In The Dark" and "The Witch of the Well." When anyone sees her, there is always dreadful knocking afterwards, as if the Devil is demanding entrance. Because Clara is afraid, she asks the Doctor to dare her to join him and explore the spooky house. As the Doctor and Clara walk the halls, something is moving in the shadows.


In the music room, The Doctor's sonic screwdriver suddenly starts to turn on and off. Clara hears loud creeks behind her while the Doctor sees his cold breath. The Doctor marks the cold spot with a piece of chalk. The inventions start turning on by themselves, the chalk sizzles in smoke, and the flames of the candelabra blow themselves out. Emma announces, "She is coming!" as she witnesses a flashback. After Emma faints, the Doctor sees "Help Me" written on the wall.

Because  the TARDIS doesn't like her, Clara has to get on her good side. The time travelers see the life cycle of Earth, from birth to death, while the Doctor takes pictures. Upon their return, the Doctor presents a slideshow, revealing that the ghost is actually a lost time traveler named Hila Tukurian (Kemi-Bo Jacobs). Using balloons, the Doctor explains how Hila is a distorted echo. Hila has crash-landed in a pocket universe and is trying to find her way back home. In the next slide, Hila is running away from a monster.

Hide1[1]Alec is afraid of what's going to happen to Emma as the Doctor uses her for his experiment. The Doctor uses the TARDIS as a power source to enhance Emma's psychic abilities. Emma uses her powers to create a wormhole to the pocket universe. The Doctor ties himself up, shouts, "Geronimo!" and jumps into the wormhole.

On a floating planet, the Doctor finds Hila and they run through the woods. Something is in the mist chasing after them. Lost without an exit, the Doctor follows Emma's voice as she screams, "Come home!" The Doctor sacrifices himself in order for Hila to return safely. The portal closes and the Doctor is left alone with the monster.

In order to rescue the Doctor, Clara has to confront the TARDIS. Using a hologram of Clara, the two start arguing and trade insults at each other. Even though the TARDIS could lose power, she opens the doors for Clara and they travel to the pocket universe. After a rocky travel through time, Clara drives the TARDIS towards the Doctor and rescues him from the monster. Emma tries again and opens up a portal to bring them all home in one piece.

The Doctor brought Clara to Emma because he wanted a psychic reading. Clara is nothing more than an ordinary girl. Emma also reveals that Clara is more frightened than she lets on; meaning she is a scaredy cat.

Emma warns Clara about the Doctor after her psychic reading of him. Clara shouldn't trust him because he has a sliver of ice in his heart. Will Clara find out what the Doctor is hiding in the next episode of "Doctor Who?"

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