Fox Leaving Stoolbend, Has Probably Cancelled 'The Cleveland Show'


If the blog The Animation Guild is to be believed, the "Family Guy" spinoff from co-creator Seth MacFarlane won't be back for a fifth season.

TAG and other outlets are reporting this as fact for the moment given the late date and the fact that FOX hasn't given the greenlight to another season of the ratings-challenged "The Cleveland Show," and The Animation Guild is made up of dispatches and news from the actual animators. However, via Entertainment Weekly, FOX insists that they have yet to make a decision on the series' fate.

The spinoff saw "Family Guy" regular Cleveland Brown (series co-creator Mike Henry) move back to his hometown of Stoolbend and marry his high school sweetheart Donna (Sanaa Lathan), and connect with the oddball locals including bartender David Lynch.

Don't cry for MacFarlane, though: "The Cleveland Show" launched back in 2009 and has subsequently reached the syndication-friendly 88 episodes--its cancellation would mean MacFarlane only has two animated series on FOX right now as well as a live-action Western comedy and a sequel to the Mark Wahlberg/trash-mouth teddy bear movie "Ted."

Just this week, we got a chance to see MacFarlane talk "Star Trek" for the third season Blu-ray of "Star Trek: The Next Generation."

[Source: The Animation Guild via Cartoon Brew]