The Daily Geek: Cooking With Thrones, 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Poster, And More

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- FOOD! Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) chats cooking and Game of Thrones! Plus, "A Feast Of Ice & Fire" author Chelsea Monroe-Cassel and Ben 10 creator Joe Kelly recap "And Now His Watch Has Ended" in the newest "Cooking with Thrones"!

- THAT'S A SPECIAL FORCES TATTOO, RHODEY! Shane Black says there are traces of "Lethal Weapon" in "Iron Man 3."

- SCI-FI! Here are ten original science fiction flicks that you should totally watch.

- BOSOZOKU SAILOR SCOUTS! What if the gals from "Sailor Moon" were a biker gang?

- A BRIEF HISTORY OF SUPERMAN! Newsarama has a handy Supes infographic.

- I WANT ALL OF THESE OFFICES! Check out 40 workspaces of creative folks.

- THE GAUNTLET OF INFINITY! Patton Oswalt's "Star Wars: Episode VII" pitch gets a poster.



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