New 'Man of Steel' Superman Statue From Kotobukiya Stares Down Evil!

By Zack Smith

As we wait to find out whether this summer's Man of Steel will do for Superman what the "Dark Knight" trilogy did for Batman (or if it'll just do what  Superman Returns did for Superman which...wasn't much), we can at least take comfort in the avalanche of awesome merchandise headed our way, including this new super-detailed statue from master manufacturer Kotobukiya!

Based on Henry Cavill's portrayal of Clark Kent, this 10 1/2-inch figure was sculpted by RESTORE (Shinya Yamaoka), and will be available this September.  A suggested retail price has not yet been announced.

Uniquely for a Kotobukiya statue, the piece includes a poseable cape, to create all manner of moody magnificence.  There's also an "S" shield stand for...well, standing.

Most importantly -- the different pics allow a 3-D view of how Cavill will look in his Superman costume.  Roll that beautiful Kryptonian footage!

...well, that's certainly a butt, all right.

We'll bring you all the new news on Man of Steel as the film approaches!  Until then...KNEEL BEFORE ZOD.

That doesn't really make any sense, but it's good to have an excuse to use that line.

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