New Sailor Moon Figure Defends Earth With Sheer Awesomeness!


 By Zack Smith

Moon powers activate!  In a year that's already seen some cool toys from Japan make it to the U.S., such as the D-Arts Mega Man and Rush, this S.H. Figuarts Sailor Moon might be the best yet!

Forget those Barbie-type dolls from the 1990s -- this figure of the moon-powered schoolgirl is capable of throwing down with the rest of your action figure lineup.

The figure, which is due out in August/September, includes:

  • 3 interchangeable face parts
  • 3 left hand parts
  • 5 right hand parts
  • 2 Moon Sticks
  • Moon Tiara effect parts
  • Luna

A suggested retail price isn't available yet, but we'll keep our eyes open for you!

For those not in the know, Sailor Moon is one of the most popular Japanese comics and animated cartoons, dealing with a schoolgirl and her friends granted special powers to battle the forces of evil.  Also, there's a talking cat and a dude called "Tuxedo Mask."  That's about it.

The series' short-skirted schoolgirls have also prompted a massive, massive amount of creepy and occasionally illegal fan art and fanfic, which we mention mostly as an excuse to post this Robot Chicken sketch below.