'The Walking Dead' Merch Round-Up: Mini-Mates, Board Games, and More!


By Zack Smith

There is no stopping The Walking Dead, in both a literal and merchandise-based sense.

With action figures, statues and more, it was only a matter of time before the Walkers struck board games.  That's right -- soon you'll be able to enjoy Risk and Monopoly Walking Dead style.  God help us all.

Both games retail for $39.99 and will be released in August, according to Entertainment Earth.  Here's some details!


The Walking Dead Comic Survival Edition Risk Board Game

In" The Walking Dead Comic Risk Survival Edition", players must "not only fend off attacks from the living who compete for precious, limited resources upon which their survival depends, but they also must maintain their self-preservation from the unrelenting hordes of the undead that would feast upon them!"  Apparently, the game also features "Supply Cards."

For additional fund, players may pretend this is a sequel to the cult classic lesser-known board game Pandemic, which traumatized many young players by putting the world's survival in their hands.  Here's a review!


Next up is "The Walking Dead Comic Survival Edition Monopoly Game" or as I like to call it, "Boardwalking Dead."

...um, that makes it sound like the zombies are bored.  There's a reason I'm not in the board game business.

The Walking Dead Comic Survival Edition Monopoly Game

In this game, "players vie for, and must then fortify, the prime real estate and resources that will sustain their lives."  It is somewhat amusing to think that real estate still has value in a squatter-based world, though it'd be better if instead of money, players were able to "buy" property using guns, explosives, and other devices necessary to flush out zombies and/or offending other humans, in a paroxysm of violence that begs the question of who is truly human in this devastated world.  Though that might be too difficult to convey in board-game form.

But wait!  There's more!

Also in August, there's Series 4 of The Walking Dead Minimates!

Retailing for $39.99 at Big Bad Toy Store, the figures are designed by Art Asylum and released by Diamond Select Toys.  They'll be released in two-packs with: The Governor with Gabe, Michonne (Poncho) with Bruce, and two short-packed, specialty-exclusive sets: Prison Lori with Shoulder Zombie and Alice with Shoulder Zombie.

Aren't they adorable?  While they're fictional characters, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank Rick Grimes, Michonne, and the other characters of this universe for dealing with undead hordes, a lack of modern conveniences and a total loss of any hope for the future beyond surviving another terror-filled day for providing us with such entertainment.

...that was dark.

Planning to get any of these, or have any other board games you'd like to see zombie-fied?  Let us know!