Kilian Eng's 'Oblivion' Poster Immediately Sells Out At Mondo


"TRON: Legacy" director Joseph Kosinki's next big budget sci-fi film "Oblivion" gets the Mondo treatment in this elegant poster from illustrator Killian Eng.

Check out the full-sized image after the jump.

Some of you might recognize the artwork for Eng's poster from the recently-announced vinyl release of the "Oblivion" soundtrack, which features gatefold artwork showing the ruined Earth of the Tom Cruise-starring film. The poster image is a recolored version of that art, going a little colder and softer with the light blue. It's muted, calmer. I like it.

Unfortunately, I was too late to snag one as the $45 asking price was just right for other Mondo fans who snatched them up within minutes of the announcement. So it goes.

"Oblivion" is in theaters today.