Showtime Confirms: Next Season Of 'Dexter' Will Be Its Last

Perhaps recognizing that there's nowhere left to go, Showtime has officially confirmed that the eighth season of the serial killer of serial killers drama "Dexter" will be its last.

It's a wise move on the network's part--the last two seasons of the gruesome series have meandered, particularly after Deb (Jennifer Carpenter), Dexter's sister, learned what her brother's been up to in his spare time. The end of the last season has left both characters in a place where redemption is likely to be impossible (or at least, not plausibly so without breaking the series), so drawing things to a close is probably the right thing to do.


Will we finally see Dexter on the run? Will the Morgan siblings come out of season 8 alive? "Chuck" star Yvonne Strahovski will be the latest attractive woman with emotional problems to romance Dexter and the great Charlotte Rampling will be joining the series as a neuro-psychiatrist who studies serial killers, according to EW.

[Source: The AV Club]