Vampire Diaries Recap: 'Pictures of You,' Prom Night and Cat Fights

pictures3-620-2By Kendra Beltran

Did you get dressed up this week to watch The Vampire Diaries’ prom episode “Pictures of You?” No? Yeah, I mean who would do that? It’s not like I sat in a gown pretending Klaus was going to take me or anything. In my solitude I worried about Bonnie’s choices, rolled my eyes at Elena, wondered about the Originals’ futures and decided that Silas is always there -- even when he’s not, he’s there.

Bonnie, who we haven’t seen in a minute, decided to get back in the story with visions of Jeremy in her dreams and reality. After seeing Jeremy at prom and dancing in the woods with him, she realizes that it’s Silas. Of course it was Bonnie. Jeremy is dead. Bonnie also becomes Elena’s fascination when she decides Bonnie has to die since that’s who Silas needs in order to carry out his plans.


Elena tries to get Bonnie not once, but twice and both times Bonnie’s magic does a number on Elena. The second time Bonnie almost takes her out for good, but Damon and Stefan talk her out of killing her. It was kind of nice to see Elena so vulnerable after all these weeks of her being the mega-beotch of Mystic Falls. Damon and Stefan noticed something too. All night they were using kindness and flirting to get some sort of emotion out of Elena, they decide in the end that they need to scare her. Think they’re going to enlist Bonnie for this task?

Bonnie might be too busy with Silas. She ends up meeting him and sees his true form. It was as creepy as one would think. Hopefully he’ll stick in the shadows when he’s himself. Back to Bonnie, could this be the beginning of Silas’ master plan?


Wait, what does that mean? Let’s get to Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah and that last part will make more sense. Klaus and Rebekah both plead their cases to Elijah to get the cure. Fearing the other side, Elijah tells Rebekah she can have it if she proves this whole “being human again” isn’t a whim. She has to live a day without her vampire impulses. Rebekah almost makes it, but then helps one of Elena’s victims. While Matt says he won’t tell a soul, Klaus sees and gives Rebekah a whole speech, telling her that she’s just “bored and looking for a reason to matter.” Klaus, the owner of the best burns on TVD.

Here’s where you’re like, dangit Silas, really…really? The whole time Klaus was talking down to Rebekah, we see another scene where Rebekah’s telling Elijah she passed the test. He then hands over the cure. Are you having a panic attack yet? It was at this point that I did. We end with Klaus getting a letting from Katarina telling him that he should head to New Orleans in search of a witch that will “rattle his soul.”

Other tidbits to mention, Matt and Bonnie were crowned King and Queen, Damon seems to still have feelings for Elena and Tyler came back for a quick second to dance with Caroline on prom night, or was it Silas? At this point, I’m pretty sure everyone is Silas.

Next week is the one I’ve been waiting for, what is basically the pilot for The Vampire Diaries spin-off, The Originals. Klaus heads to New Orleans in light of Katarina’s note and finds himself immersed in a world he’s missed and wants back.

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