Joel Silver, '21 Jump Street' Remake Writer To Bring Back 'Weird Science'


Deadline reports that "The Matrix" and "Lethal Weapon" producer Joel Silver is on board to remake 1985's sexy Frankenstein tale for pent-up teens, "Weird Science." And with the writer he's got attached, I think I could see myself getting into it.

John Hughes' film has been a staple of late-night TV for years, offering just enough implied T and A offset by the brat pack charms of Anthony Michael Hall, Robert Downey Jr., with Bill Paxton adding just that extra layer of 80's Bill Paxton-ness to he film.* As I'm typing this, most of you have already skipped ahead to the part where you go to Twitter and complain about how this is a travesty and that classics like this shouldn't be touched (etc., etc.). I know, I've done the same thing in the past.

But Michael Bacall, man. He made a movie based on "21 Jump Street" the comedy of last year, creating a warm and funny buddy comedy within the crass, profane, and goofy update to a show about young-looking cops trying to bust teen criminals. Deadline says that Bacall's been given the go-ahead to give this tale of a pair of teens trying to create their own dream girl using a computer his own R-rated spin with "21 Jump Street" and "The Hangover' being cited as points of inspiration.

*Seriously, his bit parts in "Aliens," "Weird Science," and "Near Dark" make a perfect trifecta of 80's deflated manhood on film.

[Source: Deadline]