Who Is The Joker's Daughter?


So wait...what?

Over on DC's "What's New in The New 52" blog, Bob Harras teased the below image with the following caption:

Something evil lurks under Gotham City and it wears the Joker's face.

jokers daughter

So what the heck is this? Is DC introducing that the Joker actually has a daughter? In the pre-New 52 universe, Duela Dent, daughter of Harvey, was the original "Joker's Daughter." She was totally bonkers and pretty much took on the mantle of every villain's "daughter." She later changed her name to Harlequin (not Harley Quinn), Card Queen, and was eventually revealed to be from Earth-3. Comics!

Or is this just some crazy lady who wears the Joker's face-mask from the "Death of the Family" arc? And why does this gal lurk under Gotham City? Is this Harper Row? She hangs out under Gotham. Please don't let this be Harper Row. I know we all thought she was going to be the new Robin but the arrival of Carrie Kelley pretty much tossed a bat-monkey wrench into those plans (and Scott Snyder basically vetoed that theory anyway). Is this what they're planning for her? I like her. Don't make Harper into this, DC.

Listen, I feel confident saying that this is Duela Dent. But if it isn't, and if this is Harper Row, I ain't gonna be pleased.