The Daily Geek: Happy Birthday, Superman Edition!

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Superman is 75 years young today and to celebrate we're, devoting the entire Daily Geek to the big blue boy scout!

- FASTER THAN A SPEEDING BULLET! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman!

- PERFECTION! The trailer for "Man of Steel" is gorgeous and inspiring!

Watch: Man of Steel Trailer

- LUCY MEETS SUPES!! Remember when George Reeves guest-starred on "I Love Lucy"?

- MAN OF STEEL IN A STEEL TOWN! Cleveland, Ohio, "the birthplace" of Superman" (and hometown of Siegel and Shuster) celebrates Kal-el's big day.


- BUH- BUH- BUH BUH BUH Petra Haden does the "Superman" theme with only vocals.

- THE MAD SCIENTIST! Watch the first episode of Max Fleisher's amazing "Superman" animated series.

- UNBOUND! We chatted with the cast of the animated feature "Superman: Unbound" at WonderCon.

Watch: Superman Unbound Cast Interview


Watch: Superman Unbound Trailer

- HE'S SUPERMAN TO ME! Nic Cage talks the ill-fated "Superman Lives" flick!

Watch: Nicolas Cage Talks About The Superman Movie That Almost Was


Watch: Baby Superman

- COOL ART ALERT! This promo poster for "Man of Steel" something else!


Thanks for the memories, Clark!

'Til tomorrow, gang!


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