Exclusive: 'Community' Celebrates Christmas In This 'Intro to Knots' Clip

Chirstmas comes to the Greendale in tonight's new episode of "Community" on NBC and we've got an exclusive clip for you!

Malcolm McDowell returns as Professor Cornwallis, who the butt-kissing Annie invites to Jeff's holiday get together. When the study group learns that the untrustworthy teacher plans to flunk them for their History project, things get awkward in that very "Community" way.

Also, you guys will be able to play "Community zeetag Bingo" on your smartphones, tablets and/or laptops while watching live by using Zeebox.

After downloading the free zeebox application from zeebox.com, fans will be able to access a game board with nine expression-filled squares. When one of the expressions is used by one of the Greendale gang, fans must click the corresponding box within 10 seconds to secure the winning square. To score a “Bingo” victory, you must have three squares in a row – horizontally, vertically or diagonally – by the time the show ends. To be eligible for win a gift, you must have a winning game board by the time the show ends, or be playing the game for the entire duration of the episode.

For the sweeps entry and chance to win Community’s “Belated Christmas Gifts,” all Bingo players must tweet out their bingo victory or loss using a pre-populated tweet with a unique hashtag. From the list of submitted entries, two winners will be selected to receive prize packs that will include a Sony 55” internet television, Sony Xperia Tablet and Sony X headphones.


"Community" airs tonight, April 18, 2013 at 8 PM ET / 7 PM CT on NBC.