Get Your Own NES Cartridge Ring


Want to propose to your geeky sweety, or simply make a killer fashion statement? You can have Jess Firsoff create an adorable ring from a mini NES cartridge just for you!

She'll will create a ring or earring out of ANY NES game, even the classic shiny, golden "Legend of Zelda." If you order, and don't specify which game you want, you'll get the old "Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt" that came with so many of our NES systems that awaited us on Christmas morning.


Jess Firsoff says:

All pieces are finished with a protective glaze. Size of piece is relative to penny; however, sizes may vary slightly as each piece is unique and made to order. Ring is adjustable and fits most sizes!


Head to Firsoff's Etsy to order your ring.