Exclusive: See How 'Oblivion' The Film Compares To Radical Studios' Comic


Radical Studios' Art Director Jeremy Berger walks us through the process of adapting "Oblivion" for the big screen and retaining some of the original concepts from filmmaker Joseph Kosinksi's ("TRON Legacy") original pitch.

"Working with Joe is a really amazing experience," Berger says. "He's a mastermind and a visionary who really understood what he wanted in the project."

See more of Berger walking us through the "slick" and "ruined" vision of "Oblivion" below:

Watch: Oblivion Movie vs. Graphic Novel

And if that's not quite enough "Oblivion" for you, Radical Interactive will release an iOS and Android app allowing you to explore the art and universe of the film. "Radical Universe - Oblivion" is being described as "an interactive reading experience" which includes 3D artwork along with the first chapter of Kosinski's original illustrated novel.

You can see other examples below. "Oblivion" will be in theaters this Friday.