'Peter Panzerfaust' To Become A Motion Comic Starring Elijiah Wood And Summer Glau


Glau and Wood join Ron Perlman in an adaptation of writer Kurtis J. Wiebe and artist Tyler Jenkins' World War II update of "Peter Pan" at Image, with a live-action series on the horizon.

Plus, the guy who played Rufio in "Hook" is in it.

The once and eternal Rufio, Dante Basco, will be playing Alain to Elijiah Wood's Peter Panzerfaust and Summer Glau is Peter's Wendy. Perlman, though, gets the meatiest role, as Nazi Kapitan Haken. It's been a while since I read the first couple of issues of "Panzerfaust," but if I recall, it pared down the fantasy elements, pitting a group of young, orphaned resistance fighters against the Nazis at the height of the war.

The live-action series is currently in development, according to Image, while the second volume of the comic, titled "Hooked," will be on shelves from Image and Shadowline May 15. The next arc will begin in "Peter Panzerfaust" #11, which will be on shelves in June.

Attendees at C2E2 will be able to catch a trailer for the "Peter Panzerfaust" motion comic during its Saturday, April 27 session.

In other Kurtis J. Wiebe news, the writer announced the name of his next comic project this morning, debuting images from his action fantasy "Rat Queens," which I'm sure will also come up during his C2E2 panel.