The Daily Geek: Patton Oswalt On Boston And More

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MUST READ! Patton Oswalt shared some powerful thoughts about yesterday’s tragedy in Boston.

“The good outnumber you, and we always will.”

BE GOOD! Here’s how you can help Boston victims.

I OVERFED HIM?! Speaking of Patton, watch him as The Penguin in this “Badman” sketch.

NSFW! MTV News has an exclusive red-band trailer for Eli Roth’s “Hemlock Grove.”

Watch: Hemlock Grone NSFW Trailer

I HOPE HE EATS AN OCTOPUS! Did you guys see this poster for Spike Lee’s “Oldboy”?

WHO NEEDS IT! Is handwriting dying?

HURRY! ComiXology’s “Justice League” sale is winding down.

I THINK IT WORKED! Greg Pak’s “Code Monkey Save World” Kickstarter is doing fantastically!

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