Recap: Orphan Black Finds Her Answers In 'Variation Under Nature'

VariationUnderNature[1]By Jorge Solis

Sarah, a low-life chameleon, snuck her way into someone else's life and pretended to be another person. While living her double life, Sarah became entangled in a deadly cat-and-mouse game. Will Sarah unlock the mystery and find out who is killing her look-alikes in the latest "Orphan Black" episode "Variation Under Nature?" (spoilers ahead!)

At the shocking cliff-hanger of "Instinct," Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) met her identical clones, Alison and Cosima. Alison refuses to believe Beth, their other clone, would commit suicide. But Cosima remembers Beth differently, saying she was losing her mind clinically. Alison reveals to Sarah that they are all part of an experiment and someone is killing them off. With such seamless special effects, viewers watch one actress playing three different roles and moving around in a single room. 

After waiting for too long, Felix (Jordan Gavaris) gets out of the car and wanders into the backyard. After being spotted, Felix suddenly sees Alison pointing her gun at him. Sarah rushes in and rescues Felix, slowly convincing Alison to point the gun away. Sarah punches Alison, threatening to kill her if she ever points a gun at Felix again. Felix wonders what is really going on because the soccer mom and the science geek exist in a world where cloning is illegal and impossible.

ORPHAN BLACK Episode 103

The next day, Sarah returns to work as Beth and has been put back on active duty as a cop. Sarah's  first case as detective is to investigate the death of her other identical twin, "The German." Beth's partner, Art (Kevin Hanchard), still refuses to give her back the stolen money, which is part of Sarah's escape plan. At a bar, Sarah and Cosima have a heart-to-heart talk. Six months ago, "The German" found out someone was hunting the clones in Europe. The Original is out there searching and killing the clones. Sarah has to continue pretending to be a cop in order to find out who is killing them.

Using a voice-changer app, the shooter calls the precinct and talks to Art. "The German" was someone unfit for the family and needed to be expired. The shooter also left a clue for the detectives in the field. Art discovers a doll's head with red hair and a missing eye. Though she doesn't know anything about being a detective, Sarah has to find out how the motorcycle tracks could lead back towards the shooter.

Felix babysits Alison's two children while she teaches Sarah how to use her firearm. Though it's never mentioned, Alison's children could perhaps be adopted. Is Alison unable to conceive because she is a clone? Alison reveals to Sarah that she and Beth made a joint account of $75,000. If Sarah runs away with the money, she is actually stealing from Alison.

The motorcycle tracks lead Art and Sarah to the shooter's hideout. The walls are marked with the same passage from the bible. Sarah saves Art's life when the entire room is being shot at. While Art is on the floor bleeding, Sarah runs on foot, chasing after their suspect. Sarah finds herself corned by the psychopath, who also happens to be another clone.

After a fight that leads to both of them bleeding, the psychotic clone runs away. To keep her secret hidden, Sarah tells the other officers that they are looking for a "male" suspect. After realizing that she has his back, Art returns the stolen money to Sarah.

Even though Sarah has the money, she refuses to snatch her child and run away from her problems. Could the psychotic clone be the Original that Cosima was talking about? Sarah will have to continue her investigation in the next episode of "Orphan Black."

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