Recap: The Doctor Finds a Monster In 'The Cold War'

ColdWar[1]By Jorge Solis

In this latest episode of "Doctor Who," Clara Oswald and the Doctor find themselves inside a sinking ship. With no power left and air running out, the two time-travelers are on the run from a vicious monster. Let's check out what happened to Clara and the Doctor during their visit to the "Cold War." (spoilers ahead!)

Inside a Soviet submarine, The Captain (Liam Cunningham) orders his men to launch the nuclear weapons. Just when the Captain is about to press the launch button, he is suddenly interrupted by loud singing. In a clever nod to "Ashes To Ashes," Professor Boffin (David Warner) belts out "Vienna" by Ultravox.  As the drill is put to a halt, one of the shipmates foolishly melts a huge block of ice with a blowtorch. The shipmate doesn't realize he is about to awaken the monster inside the ice.

 As the monster attacks the sub, the TARDIS suddenly appears in front of the frightened crew. As the blue doors open, the Doctor (Matt Smith) shouts, "Viva Las Vegas!" and stumbles as the sub rocks back and forth. With so much water sinking the ship, Clara (Jenna Louise-Coleman) fails to reach the doors before the TARDIS vanishes. The Captain thinks the two stowaways are enemies and draws his gun on them. As the sub crash-lands on top of a cliff underwater, Clara hits her head and drifts into unconsciousness.

Cold War

When Clara wakes up, she sees the Captain and the Doctor in the midst of an argument. Clara and the rest of the crew are in a state of shock when they see the monster standing behind the Doctor. When the Doctor turns around and sees the monster, he responds, "It never rains, but always pours."  The monster happens to be an Ice Warrior, a high-ranking Martian soldier named Skaldak (Spencer Wilding). After Skaldak is hit with a cattle prod by Professor Boffin, the Doctor reveals that their monster is really a hero on his planet and that he needs to be locked up.

With the Ice Warrior chained up, the Doctor and the Captain continue their argument. The Captain accuses the two are enemy spies, but Clara states that she doesn't speak a word of Russian. The Doctor failed to tell Clara before that the TARDIS Translator Matrix is helping her to speak and understand the language. The Doctor says the Ice Warrior's code is, "Harm one of us, you harm us all." Skaldak presses his homing beacon and patiently waits for his brothers to strike upon their arrival.

In an attempt to cool down Skaldak's temper, Clara apologizes for the sudden attack. Clara discovers something is amiss as Skaldak continues to threaten her. With no one inside the shell armor, Skaldak has escaped and is on the loose. After fifteen minutes of waiting, he believes his brothers are dead and has abandoned hope. With nothing left to lose, the Ice Warrior assassinates the ship's crew one by one.


Clara is suddenly afraid to move after seeing two dead bodies. Profess Boffin attempts to calm Clara down by recommending her to sing Duran Duran's "Hungry Like A Wolf." As Skaldak prepares to launch the nuclear missiles, the Doctor promises he will blow up the entire ship with his electronic screwdriver. During their standoff, the Doctor reminds Skaldak there is a major difference between a soldier and a murderer.  At the last minute, a Martian spaceship arrives and beams Skaldak aboard. As the launch code continues its countdown, Clara sings a few lyrics from the Duran Duran song. The day is saved after Skaldak finally decides to stop the countdown.

After so much suspense and action, Clara realizes what she really does with the Doctor. Everything they do is meant to save the world.  Let's see if Clara is right out that in the next episode of "Doctor Who."

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