Recap: Game of Throne's Makes The 'Walk Of Punishment'


By Jorge Solis

In this latest "Game of Thrones, " the battle for the Iron Throne comes with a heavy casualty. This is also the episode where indie band, Hold Steady, sing the ballad, "The Bear And The Maiden Fair." Let's find out what our fan-favorite characters had to endure during their own "Walk of Punishment."

(spoilers ahead!)

In a meeting with his father, Tywin (Charles Dance), Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) makes quite a fool of himself on purpose. With his father and sister, Cersei (Lena Headey), looking on, Tyrion makes a lot of noise during their serious meeting. Though he never shows it, Tyrion is quite amused with his father being annoyed as he continues to move his chair. Though the meeting is really about Jaime's whereabouts, Tyrion realizes something else is going on. As he digs deeper into the books, Tyrion knows his family will owe a huge debt to the Iron Bank of Brothers. Confiding with Bronn (Jerome Flynn), Tyrion warns the Iron Bank always gets its gold back.

In an amusing scene. Tyrion offers to pay three prostitutes for his virginal squire, Podrick Payne (Daniel Portman). Podrick has served Tyrion  very well, even saving his life. But in the end, the squire doesn't have to pay for the prostitutes. It turns out the women were well-pleased with Podrick. Wanting to know more, Tyrion and Bronn want to hear about the squire's prowess as they offer him drinks. While Tyrion is enjoying his laughs, Jon Snow (Kit Harington) has just witnessed something disturbing. The White Walkers left a spiral of dead horse's heads for all to see their slaughter.


After being tortured for so long, the traitorous Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen) manages to escape. Theon can barely stand after a nail was drilled to his foot. His rescuer tells him to head east and that his sister awaits for him. On his horse, Theon suddenly finds himself lost in the woods. He sees his torturers close by, chasing after him. Theon rides as fast as he can on his horse, dodging arrows aimed at his head. Just when he thought the race was over, Theon is hit and drops to the ground. Suddenly, Theon's enemies are killed by a sling of arrows. The same rescuer has returned and warns Theon that he is still a long way from home and winter is coming. 

Lord Bolton's Hunters have Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) captured and tied to a tree. The Hunters gather around Brienne, beating her to a pulp. As her beating continues, Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) looks on, feeling sorry for Brienne. The Hunters take Brienne away, leading her towards the darkness. Jaime convinces one of the hunters, Locke (Noah Taylor), that Brienne is someone important too. Jaime is sure Brienne's rich father would pay handsomely for her return. The reward would only be paid if Brienne is neither besmirched, nor defiled.

Feeling confident after saving Brienne's life, Jamie continues to talk to Locke, telling him stories about his wealth. Tired of hearing Jaime talk, Locke is offended by his smart and persuasive words. Locke mentions that Jamie is nothing without his father. Because his father isn't around, anything can happen to Jaime now. In the most shocking scene of the episode, Hunter then chops off Jaime's hand with a sword.

What is Jaime going to do without the use of his sword hand? How long can Daenerys last in the war with one of her dragons missing? Fans will have to wait and see what happens in next week's episode of "Game Of Thrones."