Topps' 'Mars Attacks' Invades With An All-New Set Of Trading Cards


Those brainy, murderous, invaders from Mars are back in a new collection of "Mars Attacks" trading cards from Topps!

"Mars Attacks: Invasion" will be illustrated and painted by Earl Norem, Joe Jusko, Ed Repka, Glen Orbik, Gregory Staples, and more. The set will feature a 63 card story that tells the tale of the alien-based carnage full of, according to series editor David Waldeck, "...giant insects, flying saucers, ray guns, robots, damsels and death rays!"

Fans will also get the chance to find super-secret cards from the 1962-edition of "Mars Attacks" in random packs of the brand new series.

Check out two "Mars Attacks: Invasion" cards from Earl Norem. It's his first commercial work in eight years!



Between this and IDW's awesome "Mars Attacks" comics, is another flick far off? Let's hope not!

"Mars Attacks: Invasion" is scheduled for October 2013.