The Daily Geek: MTV Movie Awards, 'Iron Man 3' Shootout, 'Star Trek' Posters, And More

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- WATCH THE BIG SHOW! Miss the 2013 MTV Movie Awards? Watch 'em here!


- TONY VS. WHIRLYBIRDS! Watch this exclusive clip from "Iron Man 3"!

Watch: 'Iron Man 3' Exclusive Clip: Shootout

- COOKING WITH THRONES! Learn how to make Direwolf Scones with "A Feast of Ice & Fire" author Chelsea Monroe-Cassel in our latest "Game of Thrones" recap show!

Watch: Chelsea Monroe-Cassel | Cooking With Thrones | Ep. 3

- SPOCK LOVES FIRE! We've got two new "Star Trek Into Darkness" character posters for you this morning!



- A MESSAGE FROM GENERAL ZOD! Remember when they denied that General Zod was in "Man of Steel." Well he is and he's got something to say.

- CATCHING FIRE CATCHES FIRE! Did you guys see the trailer for the "Hunger Games" sequel?

- KELLY DOES STAR WARS! The always awesome Ryan Kelly re-teams with Brian Wood for "Star Wars" #7.


'Til tomorrow, gang!

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