New 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Footage At MTV Movie Awards!


By Jorge Solis

During the MTV Movie Awards, did you happen to catch a glimpse of new footage for the highly anticipated  "Star Trek: Into Darkness?" After a rocky start to their friendship, Captain Kirk and Commander Spock are back in this sequel to face an even deadlier threat to the Starship Enterprise. 

We’ve seen a lot of action and special effects. Out of nowhere, a giant spaceship comes crashing down from the sky. Could it be the Enterprise in big trouble? The burning spaceship is spinning out of control as it heads towards the middle of a crowded city. Everyone is watching the spaceship falling, but they should really be getting out of the way. Has Captain Kirk gotten himself in big trouble that he can’t get out of?

Whether you were a newcomer or a longtime fan, the "Star Trek" reboot changed everything you knew about the franchise. What made the first installment work was the fresh and new dynamic between Kick and Spock, who couldn't get along with one another. Just because they're destined to be best friends, that doesn't mean they have to agree with each other every time. While Kirk continues to be reckless and fearless in the sequel, Spock must wonder if his best friend will eventually get him killed.

For crying out loud, can't May get here any faster? This is the type of summer blockbuster that deserves to be seen on the big screen.  I'm definitely going to be there on opening weekend to see "Star Trek: Into Darkness."

"Star Trek: Into Darkness" will be released in theaters on May 17, 2013.