Check Out This Exclusive Clip Of 'Iron Man 3'!


By Jorge Solis

During the MTV Movie Awards, viewers got a sneak peek at the upcoming "Iron Man 3." Wealthy industrialist Tony Stark is back at it again as Iron Man, this time pitted against an unstoppable enemy known as The Mandarin. Check out the clip here at MTV Geek and see what happens when Tony puts on the suit.

Watch 'Iron Man 3' Exclusive Clip: Shootout

With his army ready to strike at Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) promises, “Nothing can save you.” A swarm of helicopters are flying around Tony Stark’s seaside mansion, firing their missiles at the building. As his mansion topples over, Tony puts on one of his amour suits, but this prototype isn’t listening to any of his commands. Can Tony get his suit back online and fight back before his mansion is completely destroyed?

I’m definitely looking forward to this movie. Writer/Director Shane Black changed the buddy-cop genre forever with his “Lethal Weapon” movies. Now, Black is reunited with Robert Downey Jr. after his impressive directorial debut, “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.” I smell a winner here people!

Doesn't this clip make you want to get your ticket during opening weekend? I'm really hoping this sequel is bigger and better than "Iron Man 2." After avoiding the question for so long, Tony Stark will find out the hard way if it's the man who makes the suit, or if the suit makes the man in "Iron Man 3."

"Iron Man 3" will be released in theaters on May 3, 2013.

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