"The Big Bang Theory" Gets Funky with New Funko Toys!


By Zack Smith

Those who've always wished they could make Dr. Sheldon Cooper of "The Big Bang Theory" shut up can finally make their dreams come true with this new mouthless vinyl figure -- one of a number of cool TBBT pieces from Funko now shipping or available for pre-order.

As seen on Big Bad Toy Store, you can now order POP Television vinyl figures of Sheldon and his paramour, Amy Farrah Fowler, to recreate their brazen relationship and possibly even force them to kiss, which is probably wrong on some level.  Best not to think about it.

The vinyl figures retail for $9.99 each, and are due to ship this month!

In June, they'll be joined by a vinyl Leonard (sorry, no pics!), who will doubtlessly mope around until he's joined by a vinyl Penny.

If you can't wait for these, you can always check out some of Funko's TBBT "Wacky Wobblers," which include Penny:

...or let the guys live our their dreams with the "Star Trek"-themed Wacky Wobblers.  Sheldon, predictably, is Spock.  Poor Raj and Howard have to be Redshirts.

Despite their apparent "underdog" status, these "nerds" have it pretty good, huh?  Most are married or involved with attractive, interesting women, they're all gainfully employed in the often-imploding field of academic research, and they've all got a significant crew of friends with whom to hang, eat takeout, and engage in wacky adventures in large, merchandise-filled apartments in the high-priced Los Angeles area.  Honestly, once Raj gets over the whole selective mutism thing, they're better off than most "cool" people I know.  Though some of my friends might claim they damage the rep of "real" nerds, those dudes know what they're doin'.

What "The Big Bang Theory" merchandise would you like to see?  I'm partial to Sheldon with a jetpack and killer robot myself.  Let us know!