‘Star Wars’ Meets Russ Meyer in Patton Oswalt and Sillof’s ‘Faster, Empire! Strike! Strike!’

By Zack Smith

We’ve seen some crazy custom figures at MTV Geek — but few are crazier or cooler than these Russ Meyer meets “Star Wars” toys designed by master customizer Sillof for comedian Patton Oswalt.

Called “Faster, Empire!  Strike Strike!”  the figures retell the story of George Lucas’ films in the style of the classic exploitation film “Faster, Pussycat!  Kill Kill!” by legendary breast-obsessed director Russ Meyer, re-envisioning that film’s bad-ass go-go dancers/psychotic killers as such characters as “Darla Vade”…

…Hanna “Guitar” Solo…

…and “Chibetta.”

And of course there’s some booze for when our ladies need to chill..

…and a sweet ride for cruisin’.




If you have no idea what the hell is being satirized here, you need to check out Faster, Pussycat!  Kill!  Kill!one of the most insane flicks ever committed to celluloid.  It’s one of those films to which Quentin Tarantino owes pretty much his whole career.  Here’s the original trailer!

Embedded from www.youtube.com.