'Oblivion' Fans: Get The M83 Soundtrack On Vinyl From Mondo


If you were thinking about picking up the soundtrack to "Oblivion," hold off before you head to iTunes or your favorite digital music service: Mondo has found a reason for you to pick up a physical copy of the soundtrack thanks to a limited edition LP featuring the work of composers Anthony Gonzalez of M83 and Joseph Trapanese.

The Tom Cruise feature is getting a deluxe, 2X LP featuring the 17-track score from t-shirt and poster company Mondo, and we think you might want to pick it up.

Here's the gatefold cover for the album from frequent Mondo artist Kilian Eng:


You can purchase the "Oblivion" LP for $25 starting April 26 on the Mondo Tees site, and if you want to support brick and mortar purchases, it'll be available on May 28.

You can listen to a sample from the soundtrack below:

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