WonderAli's 'Best Stuff I Read This Week!': 'Saga' Scandal, Multiple Thors, and More!

IndestructibleHulk_6_575By Ali Colluccio

This week did not start off particularly well. Monday morning was pretty insane at work, and when I took my early afternoon Twitter break everyone was yelling. I wasn't quite sure what was going on, but there was a lot of angry mentions of Apple and "Saga" and censorship. I decided (probably wisely) to put the Interwebz down and deal with it later. By Tuesday afternoon we all learned that it was just A Big Misunderstanding and Shame on All of You for Not Getting the Facts Right and THIS IS WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE INTERNET AND COMICS. And again I decided (definitely wisely) to put the Interwebz down and walk away.

Saga12APPLEThe only thing the "Saga"/Apple/Comixology kerfuffle managed to do, for me anyway, was make me a little sad and annoyed to be part of the comics community. Look, I understand the implications of Apple (or Comixology or any mass content provider) pulling a great book like "Saga" off their shelves for what they inconsistently view as inappropriate content. I get that maybe someone should have bothered to ask Apple why and if they actually pulled the issue from their store. I think it would have been a lot easier on everyone if Comixology fessed up to what they had done earlier.

But at the end of the day, all anyone did was yell and spout anger. They were mad about censorship, they were mad that comics journalists didn't follow the same fact-checking procedures as the New York Times, they were mad at each other for having differing opinions on the whole saga (no pun intended). THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS! I really don't mean to sound self righteous. I'll jump into a big internet brawl head first sometimes. But this time, not being in the thick it, it really just made me grumpy and worst of all made me not look forward to going to the comic shop. And that should never happen. Comics should never make me feel like I don't want to buy comics.

Long story short (too late) when I sat down to read my books, I wasn't expecting to be bowled over by how awesome everything was this week. I mean, "Saga" and "Hawkeye" were out. So I knew I was going to revel in the greatness of those issues...but I didn't have my hopes up about everything else. But across the board I was really happy to have fantastic comics this week.

Hilda and the Bird Parade by Luke Pearson


This comic, I think most of all, made me the happiest this week. If you're not familiar with Luke Pearson's Hildafolk books, go pick them up right now! No really. Go. I'll wait. The comics follow the adventures of a blue-haired girl in the fjords. She has a pet foxtalope, is best friends with a woodman, and like to draw pictures of rock trolls. After her previous adventure with a giant, Hilda and her mum have to move from the whimsical fjords to the big city. Hilda is not happy about this at all. "In Bird Parade," Hilda sets off into the city with a group a kids from her new school. She soon splits off to do her own thing.

"Hilda and the Bird Parade" perfectly captures that sense of wide-eyed wonder and exploration you only really have as a kid. It's about the epic adventures of the mundane, how finding your way back to your new home is a quest, not just walking a few blocks. The book is absolutely charming and full of innocent curiosity. There isn't an ounce of cynicism in the book, making it a pure joy to read. It was exactly what I needed this week.


A Tale of Two Thors


OK, technically it's four Thors since there are three Thors in "Jason Aaron's Thor: God of Thunder." But I'm also going to talk about "Indestructible Hulk" #6 because WALT FREAKING SIMONSON THOR. I know the issue came out last week but I'm doing a bit of catching up. I don't think there's anything better in this crazy four-color world that Walt Simonson drawing Thor. There's a brilliant energy to Simonson's art. I would swear I can hear it crackling on the page. I mean, Mark Waid is doing a fantastic job with this new Hulk series; he wrote a fun issue. But Simonson, man. Simonson just makes everything better.

Back to "Thor: God of Thunder." How crazy is this book?! I love it! Wibbly-wobbly timey-whimey stuff is usually in my wheelhouse, but Aaron is telling a crazy good story that spans all of Thor's long, long life. He juggles the three iterations of the Thunder God perfectly. This whole saga (and I can use that word in the literal sense) has been so compelling and fantastic. And I know I just named Walt Simonson the Best Thor Artist in the History of Ever, but Esad Ribic is freaking metal! His art is stunning and moody and I love it to pieces.

That's it for me this week! Remember, we all love comics. So be nice to each other.

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