'Dredd 3D' Fans! There's Going To Be A Sequel... Comic


Since the future of a "Dredd 3D" feature film sequel is about as likely as spinoff movie featuring Ma-Ma, Karl Urban's take on the toughest cop in Mega City One might not be gone forever. IGN (via Splashpage) has confirmed that publisher 2000 A.D. will continue the adventures of movie Dredd this September in a comic book sequel.

For now, the publisher is simply teasing us with a single image (you can see the full promo after the jump)--will a "Dredd" comic be enough to sate fans of the movie? And what happens if fans support the book?


If you'll recall, "Dredd 3D" producer Adi Shankar was very clear that the prospects for a film sequel were nil, but money always finds a way. In my hypothetical fantasy land, it would have to be a fast-moving thing: actors' schedules fill up pretty quickly and star Karl Urban's profile will continue to rise with "Star Trek Into Darkness" and the upcoming "Riddick" sequel. But then again, this could be an "Anchorman 2" situation where everyone involved is so geeked about the project that they'll sign up no matter what.

Anyway, if you want to see more "Dredd," get out there and buy the movie, keep flooding Lionsgate's social networks, and maybe support the comic this September. Money finds a way.