The Daily Geek: Cap's New Costume, Welcome To The Internet, And More

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- CAP'S NEW COSTUME! Check out Steve's new suit for "The Winter Soldier."


- LOTS O' SUPES! Check out tons of new pics from "Man of Steel."

- NO HE DOES NOT! Seriously, does Harrison Ford even want to be in the next "Star Wars"?

- KAHN BLOWS UP IMAX! "Star Trek Into Darkness" advance ticket buyers crushed the IMAX website.

- I WANT ALABASTER! Here are 7 Dark Horse comics that are ready for the big screen.

- "I'M 25...AGAIN!" That lady who sued IMDB for posting her real age got her case tossed by a judge.

- NO JOE! These "G.I. Joe" characters will never make into a flick!

- STORM'S PREGGOS! If Halle Berry is pregnant how will Storm fly and shoot lightning and stuff?

- HIS DARK PASSENGER IS COMING TO COMING SHOPS! Marvel's Dexter comic is finally getting a release.

- WELCOME TO THE INTERNET! Here's everything it has to offer.


'Til Monday, gang!


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