What TV Character Will You Take To The Geek Prom?

Vampire-Diaries-Wallpaper-the-vampire-diaries-tv-show-15640326-1280-800By Kendra Beltran

Another week without "The Vampire Diaries." Thanks CW. It’s not like I’ll spend the next seven days in solitude Googling “Klaus Mikaelson” and “Ian Somerhalder” for hours on end. Yes, my heart wants the character of Klaus and the reality that is Ian. When The Vampire Diaries does return April 18th, they’ll be heading to prom in “Pictures of You.” While Elena will have Damon and Stefan by her side, most of us will be sitting at home reliving our prom night, or planning it because we’ve yet to go. Oh, tacky music in expensive dresses and pictures that sit in storage bins years later, am I right?

With all this prom talk, I thought why not chat about some guys and gals who would be ideal dates for that magical evening. I would’ve included Klaus but he’s already going with me, so back off, and as for Elena…You don’t want that crazy do you? So from a time traveler to a mother of dragons, all these characters from the small screen would be perfect prom partners.

For all you girls out there wondering when Daryl Dixon is going to give you your corsage, he might be a bit too busy with the apocalypse and dealing with his own personal hardships, so here are five other guys you should have your eyes on.


Dr. Who: It wouldn’t even matter if it were the 10th or 11th, or the theme your school picked out because you could skip the paper mache decorations thanks to your date being able to pop you into his TARDIS and whisk you away to another time and place.

Alcide Herveaux (True Blood): Does it matter that he’s a werewolf? Not at all. With that physique, you can look past all that.

Sam & Dean Winchester (Supernatural): It would be such a hard decision to choose between Sam and Dean, so because Elena got to go with brothers, so do you. Best prom picture ever? Definitely.

Oliver Queen (Arrow): Are shirts optional at prom? Please say yes if you happen to score Oliver Queen. Hopefully he won’t have to pop out for a, well, you know…A thing. Plus, this dude’s loaded so you’re bound to be spoiled before and after the dance.

Norman Bates (Bates Motel): He’s adorable, a gentlemen (for the most part), but just make sure his mom doesn’t volunteer as a chaperone…

Guys, don’t think this was all about giving the ladies their pick of the litter and drooling over what sits beneath Oliver and Alcide’s tees. Sorry, Buffy wasn’t available, but here are some other lovely ladies who would look great on your arm on prom night.


Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones): Yes, you might not be able to say her name all night, but she’d have the best fashion accessory on the dance floor; a dragon.

Veronica Mars: Someone told me that she’s still hanging around the hallways. Plus, she’s a hot commodity so it’d be wise to ask out this gumshoe ASAP. Plus, how adorable is she? Like honestly, girls hate her for her cuteness factor. Not really, but really.

Maggie Greene (The Walking Dead): There’s one cliché that’s supposed to happen on prom night and if you’ve seen how Maggie is with Glenn, you know she’s always down. Oh, walkers are all around us? Let’s just let loose and have a good time. Sounds like a great prom night to me.

Korra (The Legend of Korra): So…yeah, she’s a little2D and that might be a bit of a problem, but weirder things have happened. Remember when Dennis Rodman was BFFs with that little fellow in North Korea? If you believe it can happen, then it will and you’ll be dancing the night away with one badass bender.

Annie Edison (Community): She might be a bit neurotic but if Jeff Winger didn’t get to her first, you’d be lucky to take a girl like Annie. She’s bubbly, hilarious and knows how to handle the most off the wall situations from intense paintball fights to living with Abed.

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