Kickstartin': Helping Webcomic 'Kill All Monsters' Go To Print

Want to bring "Kill All Monsters" to print? Creator Michael May is looking for help in getting his Kaiju-smashing webcomic to print as "Kill All Monsters: Ruins of Paris" featuring "monsters and the giant robots that kill them."

The plan is for the proceeds from the Kickstarter campaign to be used to fund printing and distribution through Alterna Comics who will provide logistical support for the book, according to May. Currently, the book is being solicited as a 136-page softcover over in Previews (he and Copeland are also selling the book at conventions).

The first story arc sees a postapocalyptic world (what other kind is there) ravaged by rampaging monsters and the trio of dedicated soldiers in robotic suits out to take them down.

Before you start calling it a "Pacific Rim" life, May wrote the webcomic with Jason Copeland providing art back in 2010 via Kamikaze Comics across 84 installments. But it does seem that 2013 is a great year for finding kaiju all over the place (hey, Oni--you guys should present some kind of deluxe edition of "The Tooth").

May assures backers that the $2500 will strictly go to printing costs and rewards for backers, and after a day he's about 75% of the way there. Whether you decide to support the comic or not, you should also check out the "Kill All Monsters" blog where May has not only been releasing updates about the strip, but collecting old-school images of classic and obscure giant monsters.

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